About Us


Taşkın & Şimşek Law Firm has been operating for almost thirty years as an office that aims to provide advanced services to its clients, which are pioneers and market leaders in their sectors.

Taşkın & Şimşek assists business partners to define and manage the risks and obligations they encounter in today’s complex and volatile business environment, to use their commercial potential, and to achieve sustainable growth, with a holistic perspective acquired from sectoral practice spanning years and different legal disciplines.

Taşkın & Şimşek has gained a reputation for successfully representing its clients in complex disputes covering many legal fields and offers this experience that has spread over the years to its clients in many areas of law in the best way. Our office, which has adopted the mission of keeping the quality of service at the highest level, adhering to ethical principles, professional approach and keeping up with the dynamic legal world, provides a comprehensive service to its clients with its pioneering approach and wide geographical reach. With its team culture and innovative approach, Taşkın & Şimşek develops the best level of knowledge required to meet the needs of its clients in a constantly changing and intense paced plane. It nurtures this accumulation with teamwork, mutual respect, and the goals of investing in the future, and focuses on a long-term view that supports its success as a distinguished professional institution.

Taşkın & Şimşek, which accepts being responsible for the society in which it is among its basic principles as well as professional goals, continues its activities with this understanding and acts within the scope of equality.


We combine our years of experience with the perspective we have gained from different legal disciplines and serve our clients as a team that focuses on innovation, efficiency and agility.


We practise in an accountable manner towards our clients in all our processes, and share all data on the transactions carried out at every stage in the areas we serve, in a consistent and open manner.


Our basic ethical principles are to be honest, reliable and respectful in all our business processes.

Innovative Understanding and Cooperation

We work as a team with our colleagues and clients in a way that aims to seek different perspectives and serve this purpose.

Advanced Service Quality

We keep the service we provide to our clients above the standards and aim to reflect our service quality at every stage of our business.

Experienced Approach

With our experience exceeding a quarter of a century, we understand and anticipate the client's approach and expectations and offer solutions in this direction.


We care about loyalty to our clients and adopt an understanding of working in a way that will have a long-term relationship with them.