Ekrem Yıldız

Ekrem Yıldız graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Law in 1984 with the first ranking, started his master’s degree in Private Law at Istanbul University Social Sciences Institute, and started his internship in the same year. At the end of his internship, worked as a lawyer for a short time. He successfully completed his master’s degree and graduated in 1988 with his master’s thesis on “The Use of the Right of Pre-emption and Some Problems Regarding the Usage Period“. He quit his job as a lawyer in 1985 and started to work as a candidate for Istanbul Judge. After returning from military service in 1989, he served as a C. Prosecutor and Judge in various places. Finally, he was a Bakırköy Magistrate Judge in 1999 – 2003, Bakırköy Civil Judge of First Instance between 2003 and 2010, and Chairman of the Bakırköy Commercial Court between 2010-2020, and member judge in Istanbul Regional Court of Justice 8th H.D. between 2020-2021.

He retired voluntarily in July 2021 and returned to his legal profession. He is currently a lawyer registered with the Istanbul Bar Association with registration number 13861.

Ekrem Yıldız is also a person who gives written works in the field of law. He has books titled “Preemption Lawsuits“, “Turkish Guardianship Law” and “Duties and Actions to be Heard with the Participation of Trustee” published by Vedat Kitapçılık, and a paper on “Permission Lawsuits for Calling the Joint Stock Company General Assembly to a Meeting” presented to the 5th Year Symposium of the Commercial Code.