Shopping Centers

Shopping malls have entered our lives in recent years and have brought a different breath to the retail shopping sector. The mall growth rates and the ever-increasing interactions are one of the main problems of the sector, which is concerned with many legal areas and is not possible to intervene later in the process.

Our offices are actively involved in the processes listed below and provide legal compliance with the contracts / protocols prepared;

  • Preparing the protocols or letters of intent reached during the requests made to the clients and the accompanying negotiations for renting the premises or revising the existing ones
  • Preparation, negotiation and revision of contracts to be signed with contracted tenants, stand rentals and / or temporary use contracts
  • Providing support to the shopping mall operation, preparing and negotiating and revising contracts related to goods and service purchases,
  • Preparation of warning letters and / or notices in the case of tenants who dispute rent payments or have any contradictory behavior to the tenancy agreement,
  • Providing counseling services with the determination of eviction strategies in case of contradiction to payment and contract,
  • Preparation, negotiation and revision of terminating and evacuation protocols to be signed with tenants during the termination phase
  • Negotiations with the organization companies in the organizations realized in the shopping mall management.