Printing and Publishing

With the printing and publishing sector being intertwined with many sectors, it is not possible to deal independently with the communication sector and its applications (printing and publishing technologies) in this sense, especially in the sector which plays a major role in the promotion and communication of brands. In this sector, which has a wide legal spectrum depending on the wide range of sectors in which it interacts, especially the problems that are caused by third parties including non-original (piracy) printing and bandroller are very essential.

Taşkın & Şimşek provides consultancy services and all kinds of legal services necessary for its other legal works and transactions in accordance with the fast-acting processes of its clients operating in this sector. Apart from the general legal problems, the major legal problems encountered in the sectoral sector can be summarized as follows:

  • Ensuring the legal basis of the transactions, which are completed in a fast process and in accordance with the instructions of the requestor at every stage from design to printing (Such as the contents of the Reconciliation Form, which contains the content of the claims, compliance with the work being done, the nature of the work done, the quantification and other details)
  • Client’s and the other party’s terms of agreement vary somehow according to the process; the extent of the work done at each stage and the variability of the contract price depending on it, the problems experienced in proving them,
  • In case of contradiction between the demands of the clients and the minimum requirements to be made in the publication, the difficulties encountered in the reflection of the legal process
  • Problems originating from non-authorized publications and banderols