Merchandising is a sub-sector that differs in the retail sector from other business areas in terms of following specific processes of business activity and requires maximum sensitivity. The size of the increased business volume and the solution of the related problems did not only require a local intervention but also created a need for support within national boundaries.

Taşkın & Şimşek manages these processes through contracted offices and lawyers within the borders of the country and is included in the following listed processes with legal support;

  • Our office provides legal service to the leading companies in the retail sector, which have thousands of chain stores throughout the country, and manages the cases and all other legal affairs of client firms operating in the retail and wholesale stores sector.
  • Preparing the commercial contracts, lease contracts, service contracts and all other contracts of our clients by following the changes in the applications in the wholesale and retail trade sector and legal regulations,
  • Rendering legal support for the employment of personnel in the shops of the client companies operating in this sector and for the staff to be employed in the stores and to carry out the business relations processes in accordance with the Labor and Social Security Law or to terminate the business contracts,
  • Following the legal processes related to the work accidents that occurred during the execution of the work and make necessary directives
  • Drafting the employment contracts within the scope of the Labor Law, following service discovery cases commenced against our clients as a result of disputes arising under the Law of Obligations, business accident and occupational disease detection cases and claims for compensation cases as well,
  • To follow up investigations and proceedings before the judicial authorities on the behalf of the clients regarding the criminal acts of the personnel of the client companies at the work places in terms of penal legislation,
  • Providing legal support to the clients in the settlement of disputes and follow-up by taking customer satisfaction into the foreground within the scope of consumer demands, complaints, consumer law and other relevant legislation,
  • To provide legal services to the clients within the scope of all related legislation such as Administrative Law and other related lawsuits arising between the municipalities and other administrative organizations in the state organization
  • Providing legal support to the clients for the disputes arising out of the tenancy of leaseholders and tenants of lease agreements, preparing lease contracts,
  • Providing legal consultancy to franchisees within the scope of the legislation related to franchise, preparing and examining franchise contracts, following disputes that arise.