Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Taşkın & Şimşek Legal Disputes and Litigation Group represent domestic and foreign institutional and individual clients at all stages of the proceedings such as commercial, individual, criminal cases, arbitration and mediation procedures.

Taşkın & Şimşek aims to provide consultancy services with high efficiency regarding daily activities of its clients in sectoral legal counseling. It supports clients in follow-up of cases and receivables dealing with trade, insurance, business and intellectual property law.

The Legal Dispute and Litigation Group aims to achieve the best possible outcome consistent with customers’ long-term objectives and maximum efficiency. Some of our legal services are as follows;

  • Taking necessary legal measures for collection of receivables and follow-up on this.
  • Restructuring of companies, pre-arranged bankruptcy, postponement of bankruptcy, liquidation, etc. organizing processes
  • Taking necessary precautions to protect rights and interests in the initiated legal procedures
  • Preparing the draft protocol and negotiating steps
  • Providing legal counsel for the pre-structuring bankruptcy of corporations and individuals and training of debts