Employment & Social Security Law

We provide broad legal service to our clients in all aspects of employment-related matters. Along with general advice in relation to Employment Law, Taskin & Simsek also provides these particular services during their clients’ transactions and litigation matters;

  • Drafting employment contracts and company internal regulations
  • Updating and/or re­drafting employment contracts and related procedures under implementations of the Court of Appeal.
  • Advising its clients with regard to amendments on Turkish Labor Code and new related regulation developments.
  • Integrating international clients’ employment contracts into Turkish Labor Law, handling day-to-day matters
  • Litigation relatable matters and representing them in the court i.e. re-employment lawsuits, overtime payment and termination compensation claims.
  • Renders a legal opinion as to labor safety, employment agreements, collective bargaining agreements and relatable disputes.
  • Consultancy on criminal and legal liabilities with regard to occupational accidents and diseases and conducting the required works to fulfill obligations
  • Provides solution intended legal advice in relation to terminate the employment agreement