The increase in the number of higher education institutions in recent years has led to increased competition among institutions. Increasing competition has led to institutions to cooperate with institutions in different countries and to increase the quality and variety of services provided, both domestic and abroad.

Due to the fact that our clients operating in the sector are subject to various legislations, the separation of higher education institutions from other educational institutions at the level of the sector and thus the need to solve specific problems arising from their needs and applications has created a need for legal support. Our office provides support in the following processes that are specialized in the sector, along with the consultancy that it has shown in many areas of law;

  • Preparing, revising and approving the approval process in accordance with the student exchange program with many domestic and foreign universities.
  • To manage the contract period of the university promotion process by working together with pre-university education institutions within the scope of school-university business association contracts.
  • Supporting the contracting process to determine the tuition fee discount procedure to be applied to many domestic and foreign companies and their employees
  • To follow all legal and administrative proceedings that commenced by students and other persons or legal entities from the beginning to the end,
  • Ensuring private foreign schools to comply with the requirements of the legislation they subject to in Turkish Law
  • To initiate and manage legal procedures for the collection of university education fees and other receivables